mgm Cosmo Digital Sales Platform

The mgm Cosmo Digital Sales Platform is an integrated front office solution for industrial insurers. It combines several tools and technologies for standardizing processes across the entire insurance process – from digital product design to claims management.


Speed up sales.

mgm Cosmo provides a large set of predefined digital insurance products out-of-the-box. They can be easily customized or combined to model multiline policies. In combination with digitized processes that cover both underwriting tasks and sales procedures, the platform ensures a fast time to market.

Reduce administration costs.

Full or partial automation in the domain of sales and underwriting drastically reduces administrative efforts. Instead of having to deal with tedious, repetitive work, underwriters have time for more demanding tasks that matter. More offers and policies can be created in less time.

Assure high-quality standards.

Since mgm Cosmo provides a digital environment for creating, managing and selling industrial insurance products, it introduces ways for consistently controlling information flows and processes. By standardizing tasks, document formats and work routines, insurers are able to enforce high-quality standards.

Adapt to changing markets.

In the digital age, industrial insurers need to react quickly to changing customer and broker needs, especially in the middle-market. The mgm Cosmo Digital Sales Platform enables insurers to manage digital portfolios and establish standardized processes in their digital front-office across all business lines of business.

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