SaaS: Cloud-based environment for the Digital Sales Platform

Quick start in a secure infrastructure

In order to get started immediately with Cosmo, mgm offers a cloud-based entry to the Digital Sales Platform. Industrial insurers can benefit from the platform without having to invest in their IT infrastructure in advance. The SaaS solution speeds up the innovation phase of industrial insurers and enables them to use digitalized products and digitally-led sales processes as fast as possible.


It provides a clear migration path to transfer the stabilized and integrated platform to the insurance IT for long-term operation.

Migration to your local infrastructure in three steps


Functional Focus

Project Phase

IT Operation


Short-term product launch in market, standalone system

Innovation phase

Cosmo SaaS


Integration partner system, archiving

Stabilizing phase

Cosmo SaaS + Customer-IT


Integration portfolio management, additional processes

Operation phase



Performance options:

  • Hosting of development-, integration-, and/or production environment
  • 99,9 {9f8dd0182b1f0a2f6be62d4c596153745aa5428a763913e2547616485935ab3d} availability
  • 24/7 support
  • Flexible SLA options
  • Backup service
  • Monitoring and statistics
  • Flexible access options or restrictions: VPN, OpenWeb
  • 12 / 24 months
  • Usage models: user-based / transaction-based / flat

Benefits for IT and insurance departments

  • Quick project start: “Piloting as a service”
  • Reduction of initial investments
  • Dynamic system development approach involving IT and operation

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